Laetitia Casta, ambassador for Boucheron, unveils Le Printemps’ Christmas shop windows in Paris, next to its President Paolo de Cesare.

The end of year festivity magic has begun in Paris with Laetitia Casta, ambassador for Boucheron, who came to unveil Le Printemps’ Christmas shop windows.Interview with Laetitia Casta:It’s a pleasure to be able to get out of being an actress or walking in fashion. It’s something else, it’s something more humble and where everybody is all together and believe in the same dreams, so it’s nice to do that. The Boucheron company is doing this with Printemps because they have, I think the same, it’s the same idea of believing in dreams. When they create a piece it’s so incredible and magical what they are able to do, technically and creatively and also about the value of the family and the value of something authentic and real.

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