Missoni - MENSWEAR collection spring/summer 2017 in Milan (with interview)

Designer: Angela MissoniInspiration: A trip to Guatemala, Angela Missoni’s childhood memory. The result is a kaleidoscope of colours, stripes and a whole work on mottled fabric effects.Focus on: the striped shorts, the zippered jacket and tops embroidered in birds of paradise. + Scarf tied at the waist and Panama on the head, the Missoni man opts to be an adventurer with a nonchalant and exotic elegance for an optimistic and colourful wardrobe! Interviews from Angela Missoni, Rosita Missoni & Gilles BensimonAngela Missoni :Guatemala was one of the first countries I travelled to, I went with my mother when I was 15 and it has always stayed in my memories.You can see the scarfs like belts tied round the waist, which gives an immediate relaxed look.Rosita Missoni : We always took the children on holiday and Guatemala was a surprise for everyone, the colours, the textures, the markets, the flowers and everything. I’m full of compliments for Angela because I think the Missoni boys were impeccable and it was really well done. There is a joy in her collection and that’s very positive. Gilles Bensimon :When I look at it, I think about Rosita, I think of all the Missoni family, they are in fashion like artists and artisans with a passion for people and for travel which really shows in the collection.Music of the show, do not reuse for more than 7 days after the show

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