MISSONI Fashion show - MENS collection Autumn-Winter 2016/17 in Milan (with interview)

Travel and protective clothes are the main sources of inspiration for the designer at Missoni, mixing India & rock'n'roll in this new collection.Designer: Angela Missoni Location : An outside show, in the colonnades of the University of Milan with blankets available for guests and a stage covered with dead leaves. Silhouette: Soft, warm, comfortable, close to the body, with big twisted wool, soft suits and suede mixed with knit. Colours: Autumnal atmosphere with a colour palette of gradients, with touches of turquoise, orange, burgundy, green... The Focus: The sweater embellished with metal yolks like armoury and on the multiple fringes that border the clothes.Interview from Angela Missoni: The starting point was to continue with the folk inspiration, with a man who travels, who is curious, who goes worldwide and this time he went up the Ladakh in India, but with the eyes of a 70s Rock star when he set off, with inspirations and looks that have traces of that but remain absolutely contemporary and urban.It was a kind of "armour" and we had to make embroidery for a man that looks light and I think we managed to achieve this light armour, perhaps because traveling today is a little dangerous too.Lots of suppleness and comfort; suits and sweaters with a relaxed attitude, but also the trousers are quite comfortable. He is a man who likes to be in fresh air, outside, who has a fairly free and anti-conformist life.Music from the show

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