Fausto Puglisi - Fashion Show Ready to Wear Spring-Summer 2016 in Milan (with itv)

Fausto Puglisi likes playing with contrast and creates a show on a sanded stage, with long vestal draped dresses, opposing to shorter, more worked, more baroque models decorated with lots of embroidery. The Italian designer is inspired by both his Sicilian origins and by his passion for American culture. Multiple shells, crystals, stars, lie on dresses with the graphic cuts, on jackets or perfecto jackets and embellish even Cowboy boots of the sexy cowgirls. Jersey Dresses softly go with the lines of the body, the fitted jackets suggest a more tailored spirit. A wardrobe couture and minimalist at the same time, mixing genres and inspirations for a modern and energetic Puglisi woman. We will find in a few days, the designer, in another timetable, in Paris for the new collection for the Ungaro house which he’s been designing since 2012. Interview from - Fausto Puglisi :I like to mix contrasts, I love contrasts, I live for contrasts, contrasts always seduce me, and I like all opposites in life. I like the dramas and I like happiness. I like the dream and the nightmare. I like the obsession and the love. I started from my classical culture from Sicily where I was born, so the statues, the sculptures, which are fantastic, the Laocoon which is one of the most beautiful statues in the Vatican museum in Rome. Then I wanted to translate it into my Hollywood and American dream. All the American and Hollywood divas and the drapery, and then also the Texas touch of accessories, which is really similar to the Sicilian craftsmanship. Madame Grès is a starting point at the same time we live in the present. Madame Grès was a genius but we live in the present so I think we need to show lightness to the drapery, in an easier way for the ‘Ready- to- Wear’. I would love to do haute couture but today I’m doing Ready-to-Wear and its best to start with something incredible like Madame Grès. My aim is to bring some lightness to the market. Music of the show

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