Nicholas Kirkwood-Shoe presentation Spring-Summer 2016 in London with interview

The shoe designer known for his amazing shoes often worn on the red carpet, celebrates 10 years of his label with a special collection. Only available to order, these shoes are meant to be a tribute to the 80's, through the childhood memories of the designer: video games, Pacman, Back to the Future ... All the hits seen with a blink of an eye on the shoes, exposed exceptionally at the time of an incredible birthday party with Marty McFly 's car parked at the entrance.ITW Nicholas KirkwoodThis is my first real presentation for London fashion week in the last ten years. It seems like I’ve worked and done some mini collaborations with other designers, so it is nice to have my own one for a chance. To grow up with many other designers, there are 3 or 4 who are also 10 this year as well, I felt like it was a little London community of designers, I was very happy to be able to make to 10 years so far.For this particular collection that I have done here which is a special collection for the 10 year anniversary, it was all based on the styles that I have done over the last 10 years, ones that I felt more close to and I reimagined them in a way of looking back at my first 10 years, so basically my first 10 years of my business, but also the first 10 years of my life, and all those things I grew up with as a child so the 80’s arcades, so movies toys I’ve reinterpreted the collection to fit into the spirit.Music free of rights : bandit & Nikit

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