Emanuel Ungaro - Womenswear Show Autumn/Winter 2015/16 in Paris with interview

Fausto Puglisi the Italian designer in charge of the Ungaro house is obsessive. When he works on an idea, he studies it and applies it everywhere. For the new collection, it’s all about black and white, with polka dots and pleats that also making up the passions of the founder Emanuel Ungaro. The polka dot prints are found on the fur, with the eyelets, in 3D and with sequins. The sunray pleats are cuts on the bias, and become golden. The line is elongated with the long coats and the silhouette becomes sensual with the miniskirts and asymmetrical tops. To note: the bombers and biker jackets perforated with metallic eyelets. Interview: Fausto Puglisi: All white, all black, all polka dot, some touches of gold, seeing as gold is my DNA, as a Sicilian, and toughness, strong, independence, wearable, at the end, I’m thinking about business, about a different kind of woman, I’m thinking about different kinds of bodies, and thinking about different kinds of ages. Charlotte Rampling was just an obsession when I was a kid in Sicily and I was obsessed by this perversion which was so amazing, of masculinity/femininity in the same woman, and this is something that made me feel crazy because she was so feminine but so tough! That was the moment where I was really obsessed by her.Music from the show

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