DSquared2- Womenswear Show Autumn/Winter 2015/16 in Milan with interviews

After celebrating their 20th anniversary in January for menswear, Dean & Dan Catan continue their route for womenswear, with a glimpse to their origins: Canada. On the catwalk fur and sheepskin take the most important role. The graphic and geometric designs impose a new aesthetic, mixed with a very strong military influence, with the re-worked, embroidered officer jackets, with trousers fitted on the calves or looser on the leg. A wardrobe constituted almost exclusively with trousers for the woman who remains ultra glamorous at DSquared2. Feathers, sparkles, rhinestones, gold threads, and tassels, adorn each outfit. A collection which mixes the influences brilliantly, with a number of handcrafted details that take us on a journey to remote regions. A warming fashion for next winter!Interview: Dean & Dan Caten: It’s everything going back to our roots, it’s following the men, we’re celebrating Canada.It’s also going forward so you know the set is more simple, more graphic, more artistic, and then the clothes are very strong and very important so the contrast is these very important looks on a very clean stage.It’s kind of like the English, military jackets, livery, captain...pea coats, things you actually need.I’d say there is a whole palette about earthy colours, like forest colours, hunting colours and then there’s some bright, bright English red jackets, riding jackets and then beautiful little soft colours inside the furs, there’s a teal, there’s a yellow, there are some bright contrasting colours on these kind of autumnal/forest (colours). Music from the show

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