Missoni - Womenswear Show Autumn/Winter 2015/16 in Milan with interview

The last show on this 5th day of Milan Fashion Week, with the Missoni collection. The design of the season, a marbled effect like a tattoo, brings a new energy and impulse to the wardrobe. The silhouette is ultra fitted, the enveloping knitwear is worn like a second skin. The numerous dresses are paired with leggings. The body is revealed through the low cut V necklines or by the horizontal cut-outs. The iconic zigzags are assembled together, layered on one another, inspired from graphic designs from the Memphis movement. Comfort is equally the focus with the loose cuts of the jackets and the lurex knitwear announces a winter full of radiance and more rock than usual! Interview: Angela Missoni: The marbled design comes from research on the Memphis Design movement, so we really did the research on all the designs of precious stones, marble and wood as well, the engravings on wood, but we’re also seeing this quite clearly on the stripes whilst mixing the different textures and with the colourful stripes, you can tell where these inspirations have come from.But there was also the expression of the body, from Vanessa Beecroft and we therefore see a girl who is quite body conscious and who has all these very fine, transparent underwear, the vertical and horizontal cut-outs on the body and also revealing the skin too.It’s all zipped, so for the necklines; like for the openings of skirts, that go up and down. It’s the zips that you can open and close your neckline. Music from the show

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