Proenza Schouler Spring Summer Collection 2014 in New York (ITW)

A Proenza Schouler show could be the equivalent of a Prada runway in Milan; highly anticipated, unmissable and full of creativity revolving around a new style, a new look. This time, it’s not about the anticipation of the fans, but the excitement of the directors, buyers and top models (Linda Evangelista, Karen Elson, and Amber Valetta) that cannot wait to discover what shall be the must-have pieces for next season and the fact that they are rarely disappointed. Of course, the inspirations and references for the duo are plenty; the city, films, architecture and even West Coast, fifties furniture makers from which came the inspiration by the use of suede. Trousers are worn short and baggy, tops cross at the front while powder pink coats possess traces of white, as if faded over time. Pleats make regal the skirts and dresses scattered with silver strips while the branches appear to be intertwined in 3D when looking at some of the suits. Research into the fabrics and techniques still remains essential and exciting for the pair who have created structured, modern silhouettes but which are ever so cool…

Lazaro Hernandez : It started with the idea of things that felt a more day time and a little cleaner and there was suede and crepe and things that had an organic quality and a warm texture, something that felt comfortable with the big, oversized shapes. We were looking at his unfinished, messed up canvases that were pleated yet frozen in time and they felt sort of precious but also really raw at the same time so that feeling of easy and not perfect and something that isn’t too shiny.

Derek Blasberg : What I love about Proneza Shouler, what I love about those boys is that they really know what downtown, hip women like to wear. This season at their show, we saw a lot of pants but very modern pants, wide legged, super tailored and very clean; we saw a bit of sparkle but nothing too commercial. I thought it was a really, great beautiful show and they are the best.

Linda Evangelista: In American fashion, it’s great to have that presence of sophistication and their point of view is just tremendous. I don’t go to many shows, just those of my friends or the new Incubator programme for CFTA and I support the young ones.

Music from the show

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