DSquared2- Spring Summer 2014 Menswear Collection in Milan (with itw)

For the DSquared2 show, a decor worthy of a big Hollywood production took place on the stage of Alcatraz. Both designers have imagined a plane crash in the jungle, by making reference to James Dean. The heroic survivors in underpants find the road to civilization by sporting baggy, used jeans and white rolled up shirts, the ultimate uniform of the label. A military spirit takes over but in a truly innovative style to the image of a light shirt and waterproof rubber, khaki Bermuda shorts of an ultra fineness. Then several patterns and tropical elements bring an exotic touch. As accessories, birds of paradise appear on the shoulder of a lost man. Even lost in the middle of nowhere, our survivor parades in a tuxedo jacket and black and gold pants in a motif imitating the caning of a Thonet chair. A man in a loincloth closes the show flanked by a majestic blue parrot on his shoulder. And two children, young replicas of Dean and Dan, exit under the applause of the audience captivated by the film…A nice way to announce the launch of the new Children’s collection by Dsquared2!

Music from fashion show

Dean & Dan Caten : Basically if you think about James Dean flying his little plane, and flying over maybe the Bermuda Triangle and flying somewhere and he crashes down and he lands in this beautiful paradise and he’s happy there and he decides to stay there until his rescuers come.

It’s tropical, so maybe he came with boots and a leather jacket and stuff, so maybe now you’re gonna see his leather jacket, under the sun, it becomes coral and soften up the colours, he’s gonna cut his trousers, he’s gonna take the laces out of his shoes, he’s adapting to the heat. But it’s still him. It’s a tropical island so there’s a little bit of floral, like a Hawaiian kind of print. But it’s not a print; maybe just a flower here, a flower on his boxers, flower on his shirt, there’s some soft prints.

It’s summer so there’s a lot of shorts a lot of great swimwear, a lot of great easy stuff, I think that one of the significant pieces might be the mash up of the denim and the leather biker, coz he’s got red sleeves, black collar, denim body, I think Dsquared is really about contrast and mixing worlds, so I think that we’ve done some really interesting pieces that are a piece on their own.

We are launching a children’s wear in Pitti in Florence; DSquared2 is having babies.

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