DSquared² Fall Winter Collection 2013/14 in Milan (with itw)

For once no suits as DSquared ² chose to parade in the evening rather than the usual early morning . A late schedule much better suited to the atmosphere of a jazz club, the same décor previously seen for the menswear presentation in January. We therefore find the same atmosphere and spirit of the 40s in the garments. The silhouette is composed of high waisted pencil skirts, silk ruffle neck shirts, dresses draped close to the body and backless sheath dresses with trains, embroidered with rhinestones and a rigor in the cut, the result : a mastered sensuality. We find that sense of construction in the men's suits but tailored for women, with wide pleated trousers and jackets or tight redingotes, in tweed, flannel or in gray wool. Hats, gloves, jewelry, a cigarette in hand. Not one accessory is missing, reinforcing the message of a confident woman, sure of her style and charm. And for the first time, there's not one trace of jeans on the runway, except those worn by Dean and Dan Caten, the twins dressed identically to greet the audience, in a jacket, white shirt and an extra large bow tie.

Music from fashion show

Dean and Dan Caten : We're still in the club and now it's her turn to come, it's the same club, the same atmosphere, the same mood, seen from the women's point of view. Maybe she has stolen a few things from him : his hats, his coats, even some tailoring of his suits so there are some men's tailored suits on women giving a little androgynous edge. We're calling her a dam-maschile, she's like a dame showgirl, the dame and the man, so together they're mixed up and a little confused, there's fur, some beading, silk, cashmere, sophisticated lady, a man lady, a lady lady !

Copyright : Paris Modes Productions