Meet with Jean-François Soler : Press agent and founder of the agency Station Service

Some evoke the profession of press agent as the worst job in the world, others see only the positives of being constantly in touch with people from different worlds. For Jean-Francois Soler, this seems to be clear. Founder of the agency Station Service in 2004, he deals with his team of about twenty brands (Alexandre Vauthier, Pyrenex, Arzu Kaprol, etc.) in which his purpose is to assist them in their development by exposing them to a wide audience. He refers to his job as a communicator and liaison between journalists and designers but also, and increasingly, among different figures in the fashion industry, agents of celebrities to event organisers. A constantly evolving profession but as always indispensable.

Jean-Francois Soler : It's really is a job of communicating, so you must have it in your blood, I often find it difficult to imagine that it is something that can be learnt, I feel that this is either in your nature or not. It's a job in which we are very well informed, that is also ultimately the point, and often we are at a crossroads of several different professions and know hows. We are often asked to be the liaison officer, the link between things, and so we need to be informed of everything, but I think the choice, finally for my case, is still very arbitrary.
There is a choice and a selection made following a designer, according to our tastes, according to what we fancy, depending on their character and according to the meeting, for me this is something very important. I think I will be able to work with someone I love, or someone that I find wonderful, even if his work is not great and I would find it very difficult to find the work of someone I hate wonderful ..
To be a press agent now can also mean dealing with celebrities, the job is currently open to many more walks of life than it was before and you have to be increasingly multidisciplinary, everything is now much more interwoven.
An agency like mine is an agency that in some ways is a bit of a springboard. Inevitably when companies become larger, they have a spontaneous urge to have a press agent built in because we then have someone on site to hand and who is really part of the house. This is something that is being set up more and more. My agency is ultimately much more a stepping stone and it is often us who track down, find, and promote people to larger agencies who will then take over, but somehow this has quite a logical result, it is often like that, that's just how it happens.

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