Meeting between Céline Buckens, a young Belgian student and fashion designer Christophe Josse

A 16 year old girl who comes from Belgium, Céline Buckens studies at the prestigious school St Mary's Ascot in England and has already begun an acting career. She features for that matter in the latest Steven Spielberg movie "War Horse". For her first Debutante Ball, she will be dressed by the designer Christophe Josse.

Céline Buckens : I'm very excited, the ball is a bit of a dream for everyone, all little girls dream of being dressed like princesses, and here it is a reality, they are doing my makeup, it's glamorous, great fun and then after that I have a fitting at Christophe Josse, I saw the fashion show on Monday, I absolutely loved all the clothes, they're very beautiful, so I'm extremely happy.
I hadn't thought about it, for me, of course, until they offered this to me, I was really happy and I said yes straight away, but before we had talked, I didn't really know much about the ball, so it was a surprise to me, but a nice surprise ...

Anne Buckens : it's important because between seeing a fashion show, looking at magazines and seeing them on my daughter, it's totally different.

Christophe Josse : It's always a nice story, there's something a little magical, to dress a girl who will be presented to society for the first time, when a beautiful dress is also presented, it's always a nice moment.

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