Pierre Rocca, professional make-up artist at MAC, reveals his working method to us

Pierre Rocca, a professional makeup artist for about 20 years he is used to beautifying celebrities and models during fashion shows. For the young girls of the Debutante Ball, he reveals his working method to us through a makeover sitting.

Pierre Rocca : At the base of makeup work is the preparation of the skin, so we use moisturisers which are adapted to each skin type and for that I use the brush which I will also use to apply the foundation.
For the eye lids I use an eye shadow that will also serve as a base, here I have chosen two shades, a snow colour that has a hint of pink and I will mix it with some sort of chocolate brown bronze colour which is going to bring a little bit of definition to the look.
The other step is the use of pencil, I use a pencil that is the same color as the eye shadow, therefore a glossy brown, just to slightly outline the eye.
Now the application of mascara, I slightly curve my brush, in order to get as close to the lash as possible and I have again chosen for today a texture which will lengthen rather than thicken, on the day of the Ball this will be different ...
Next step is the application of foundation with the brush that I used to apply the moisturiser, it really is a very light foundation that is water and emollient based to bring more shine, which will show through in the photos. On the day of the Ball the foundation can be more applied more fully depending on the request of the girl.

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