The designers on holiday with Jean-Paul Gaultier

For some the word "holiday" goes with well-deserved rest and prospective joy and for others with horror, inactivity symbolizes nothingness! Overview of our designers, workaholics ... So holidays, what do you think of them? And your happiest memory ?
With Jean-Paul Gaultier

Jean-Paul Gaultier : Generally the holidays are always happy and joyful. An example of a funny memory, is a story when I was on a boat in Turkey, a Turkish "caique", we had left Turkey and we were headed towards the `Cyclades' islands, it was very windy and we were stranded for three days on an island called something like "A void", and we would have done better to avoid it .... we were stuck there, with almost nothing to eat because there was only one resident who was selling drinks to people who wandered here and there and there was only some of these sublime figs, and when it came to leaving, the wind was still strong and a fire began. We were asked to leave very quickly, we had to take our things and go, and me - I only took my fashion magazines. So I saved nothing, only my fashion magazines, which were essential for me ...

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