A game with the shoulders

During Givenchy's presentation, Riccardo Tisci had already attracted all eyes around the precious work done on the shoulders. And it is far from being alone. This season the couturiers chose to put in effect and in the spotlight this part of the body and not just anyhow. Addition of materials, strips of leather, or even rock crystals. (ITW)
We now put everything on the shoulders. We go from sequins, muslin tassels and veils and not to mention feathers forming new wings from the tips of the arms. At Giambattista Valli, flowers take over from the bottom of the neck and bloom into a bouquet to hide the shoulders.
And seeing as we also like contradictions in the creations, the opposite also works: to add nothing and leave bare a part of the body. This is not new, but the strapless dress remains very present in all of the fashion shows. Finally, an in-between is always possible, with the choice of the asymmetric shoulder. Rather graphic and even in a rounded shape, it always achieves great success and attracts attention.

music- artist : Lord Leopard / Album : Karl Lagerfeld - Les musiques que j'aime / title : Caribou / ref : ULM

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