5forecaStore : NO EXCUSES |Rethink 牛仔发展趋势 2017-18秋冬

5forecastore.fashion presents the new Denim trend theme for A/W 17-18: NO EXCUSES | Rethink.

NO EXCUSES | Rethink speaks of the freedom and the strength to be who we are. The ethical issue is objective and wishes to investigate our consumption habits and lifestyle by offering innovative models taking inspiration from the past and traditions.

It especially focuses on sustainability, upcycling and reuse, always in a creative way. An awareness that makes its way into the fashion world and reconstructs the system criticizing fast fashion and all its consequences of pollution and exploitation.
A need for slowness, tradition and knowledge of a critical consciousness that seeks innovation inspired by the past and the artisan world. A style that wants to be timeless, sustainable and fair.

Below original @5forecastore total look illustration of No EXCUSES| Rethink theme to visualize key concepts.

NO EXCUSES | Rethink - A/W 17-18 - 5forecaSTore
      felted blue patch jacket | patch effect | denim wool | felted surfaces
                     over volume | mens revers | dropped shoulder
        fur block knit | sweater look ribbed round neck | cut out concept
                        real fur or curly knit | fur or knit fur effect
          “prêt à recomposer“ skirt | flared line | asymmetric pocket
                                           creative re-done

The 3 linked flat drawings with images that remark key items and concept of the  total look illustration above.

NO EXCUSES | Rethink - A/W 17-18 - 5forecaStore

NO EXCUSES | Rethink - A/W 17-18 - 5forecaStore

NO EXCUSES | Rethink - A/W 17-18 - 5forecaStore

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