The fashion scene at London Fashion Week provides the raw material, which when expertly analysed, offers an essential insight into the direction of future fashion trends. This report combines women’s and menswear and is clearly divided into product groups covering all areas of the market. Coverage includes sportswear, tailoring, casualwear, knitwear and denim, with additional analysis shining the spotlight on proportion, line, detailing, surface design and construction. Don’t miss this uniquely detailed and inspiring look at street trends.

The following sample pages are taken from 66-page report published Mar 03, 2016

A comprehensive analysis of street-led fashion, focusing on the influencers at London Fashion Week with a detailed guide to emerging trends in key areas of the market...

URBAN SPORT & GRAPHICS - boosted dimensions, distinctive branding and new-gen styling

SURFACE PATTERN - print, pattern, texture, colour and off-the-wall coordination

PERSONALISED DENIM - unique customisation, standout shapes and individual styling

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服装秋冬 2017