Fenty Puma by Rihanna Fashion show - WOMEN & MEN'S collection Autumn-Winter 2016/17 in New York (with interviews)

Puma set the scene by presenting its first mixed collection entirely designed by Rihanna Location: South of Manhattan next to the New York Stock Exchange Inspiration: very "Rihanna" a mix of sportswear and a sexy attitude, laces and zips, crop tops, XXL puffer jackets, men playing rebelsFabrics: high tech due to sport, mixture of nylon and cotton with velvetColours: of black and whiteFocus on: the slinky dresses that are fall like t-shirts, XXL velvet trousers .Gigi Hadid who closes the showInterviews from Adam Petrick & Rihanna.Adam Petrick:For us, this was absolutely the place to debut the Rihanna Puma collection. We are very excited; it is a great opportunity to be here at the Fashion Week, to be in the calendar and to be participating in the culture so we are really thrilled. It has been a great night for us. Rihanna:To be able to express yourself freely in a creative manner was special and it felt like the right place. It was the place where I could show most of my work and show the growth in the company. I was excited to take on the challenge. Puma have been around for so many years, it is the leading Sports brand and I feel like we were a match made in heaven.I wanted to keep it sporty but we stepped out of the sporty silhouettes at times and stepped out of the sporty fabrics a lot of times. So that is what my line was like, it’s very different from anything that Puma has ever done, so I am excited and I am excited to see what the fans of Puma and fashion think about it. Adam Petrick:Rihanna embodies everything that we want to be; she’s a little bit rebellious, she pushes limits and she pushes us internally and she inspires us every day. She lives our brand values; she is really the perfect ambassador for the brand. She is an amazing inspiration to us all. Her work ethic is incredible; she dives in and she gets involved in every aspect of puma and it has been an inspiration. Sport is becoming a little bit more of the day to day fashion which is great. This night marks a little bit of a return for us into this fashion space as it has been quite some time. We have been working with great collaborations and with great partners but it was a good decade ago that we were actually relevant in this space, it has been some time. So tonight, for us, is a bit of a “coming out” and it’s about getting back into this space and a bit of a return to our roots.Music of the show, (donot reuse for more than 7 days after the show)

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