Hyères International Festival of fashion and photography – Chloé prize (with itw)

Official Partner of the Hyères fashion festival, the Chloé house celebrates its 60th anniversary, awarding for the second consecutive year, a prize and a grant of 15, 000 euros, rewarding the most representative figure of the world, style and the history of the French label.
In the setting of this parallel competition, the 10 young finalists each presented one piece specially designed for the occasion, trying to meet the expectations of the Chloé label.
To her surprise, Swiss woman of 23 years Camille Kunz, menswear designer, stood out with both an elegant and innovative silhouette, including an electrifying mesh offered in her masculine world.

Music from the fashion show

Geoffroy de la Bourdonnaye : Youth feels good here and youth is really the heritage of Chloé so we always need to be at the intersection between the savoir faire of the Parisian couture which is important, and which makes up the quality of our creations, but it’s also the attitude of the youth of the world which expresses itself with designers who we also see come from around the world.

I think it’s very interesting to see the quality of this edition in relation to its history, I think it’s a very good year and a very good year for the jury as a whole, and very good for Chloe in particular, nevertheless, our choice seemed a natural fit, there was no hesitation, Camille managed to capture the most complicated thing to find in fashion, which is the attitude, attitude must be obvious for Chloe, so at the same time it’s modernity, this spirit, it’s free, an elegance which isn’t forced and that women recognize them and want to wear them, so for us the criteria is who wants to wear it right away.

Camille Kunz : I’m really honored and flattered of being able to see how my work is recognized in women’s fashion, it’s a crazy surprise for me; especially as I do menswear, it’s unexpected.

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